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Chipsol MS 8mm Media Separated Solenoid Valve

CHIPSOL features the performance of a 10mm solenoid valve in an 8mm body. Industry leading flow to size ratio, 0.5W power consumption, cartridge mount and excellent repeatability make it ideal for integration in portable devices. CHIPSOL platform includes on/off, proportional, and media separated valves.

Microsol MS-E 15mm Media Separated Solenoid Valve

Microsol MS-E is a media separated valve to control aggressive and sensitive media. Microsol MS-E has been designed to fulfil customer’s technical expectations and challenging cost requirements in analytical, diagnostic and biotechnology applications.

Microsol MS 15mm 2/2 Media separated solenoid valves

MICROSOL, originally developed as the world's first 15mm solenoid valve, is highly modular and can be engineered to meet a wide range of OEM application specifications. It set the industry standard for 15mm valves and has won numerous design and technology awards. MICROSOL platform includes on/off and media separated valves.

Picosol MS 10mm 3/2 Media separated solenoid valves

PICOSOL precision miniature solenoid valves combine small size and low power with high flow, high repeatability and long life. They are well suited to be customized to OEM specifications. PICOSOL platform includes on/off and media separated valves.

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