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Cadent™ 3 Syringe Pump

The IMI Norgren Cadent™ 3 Syringe Pump is a highly flexible fluid dispense pump with exceptional volume dispense accuracy and precision. This 3cm stroke length unit is compact, reliable and has unique diagnostic capabilities.

Cadent™ 6M

The Cadent™ 6M multi-channel syringe pump offers compact, precision liquid handling for multi-probe requirements including sample transfers, dilutions, mixing, reagent additions, and plate reformatting. Available with 2, 4, 6, and 8 Kloehn syringes as standard configurations, additional configurations are available on request. The Cadent™ 6M is simple to incorporate into your systems where intensive pipetting is the norm.

Cadent™ 6 Syringe Pump

The Cadent™ 6 Syringe Pump provides the reliability, long-life, and versatility for your low or high-flow life science applications.

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