Cadent™ 3 Syringe Pump

Why choose Cadent™ 3?



Accurate dispensing +/- 0.2% full stroke


Smooth flow

Flow accuracy +/- 1% up to 4.4 days to dispense 1 syringe



Sized for easy integration & light weight for use in portable or point of care instruments.


Long life

> 5.7 million cycles


Flexible options to meet your needs


Cadent™ series at-a-glance

Smarter, more advanced control

Configure your Cadent™ pump

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Syringe Pumps

We offer pumps both with and without intelligence for your preferred control. A large variety of valves and syringes are compatible with each pump type.

More info

Take a look at our interactive 3D model of the Cadent™ 3 Syringe pump. This 3cm accurate syringe pump is easy to integrate into your life science system.  

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Compact

Please review the Product Data Sheet for specifications, dimensions, and mounting locations.