Pump Technology

Precision Pumps for Life Science

We offer reliability, precision, speed and flexibility through our selection of precision dispense pumps for high throughput or continuous flow and for a broad range of fluid chemistry.


Whether aspirating and dispensing for high or low throughput applications or for smooth continuous flow, our pumps are designed to offer superior precision and accuracy, for longer working life, flexibility and material variety for a broad range of fluid chemistry and viscosities. Our syringe pumps are specially designed for life science applications that require stringent flow control.


Cadent™ 3 Syringe Pump

View all the details and information about our Cadent™ 3 syringe pump

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Cadent™ 6 Syringe Pump

Introducing the Cadent™ 6 Syringe Pump

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Syringe Pumps

We offer pumps both with and without intelligence for your preferred control. A large variety of valves and syringes are compatible with each pump type.

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Inline Pumps

The IP4000 pump features positive displacement design with a transparent manifold housing for micro fluid dispensing.

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