Acro 600

Acro 600 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valve


The new Acro 600 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valve series is designed for lower volume flow pneumatic applications; delivering compactness and affordability without compromising performance. Choose from three models that accommodate a wide array of tube sizes (up to 70 Shore A Durometer), ranging from 0.094” to 0.375” OD, and media pressures up to 60 psig.*



  • Compact design with user selectable tubing (up to 75 Shore A)
  • Panel mount ready with snap in tubing slot
  • Optional valve state detection sensors
  • Optional 3 or 4-way controllers for pressure venting between states
  • Panel splash seals for wash down procedures
  • Adjustable pinch gap for use with optimized tube sizes
  • Aluminum housing with black Acetal head

*Some polyurethane tube sizes can use up to 80 psi media pressure


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