Kloehn™ Instrument Syringes

Why choose Kloehn™ Glass Syringes?


Sized for your Application

Standard syringes are 3cm and 6cm and come in a wide variety of volumes and with options for plunger tip materials


Customized Syringes

Using your own pump or need a unique customized design?


Zero Dead Volume

Options for clean sweep to limit sample carryover


Long life

Borosilicate glass that is meticulously designed and tested to last, giving your customers a long-life experience


Glass syringe options to meet your needs


Configure your Syringes​ Step by Step

Standard Tip or Zero Dead Volume

Talk to our Engineers about your Custom Application

Ready to order?


Manual Syringes

Our manual syringes are designed for manual operation but may also be mounted to fit on auto-samplers for automatic and repeatable use.

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Pump Syringes

Our pump syringes are designed to combine with the 3cm and 6cm syringe pumps including multi-channel pumps.

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