Our miniature Electronic Pressure Controller (EPC), designed to precisely control pressure from -1 to 1 bar, 0-4 bar and 1-7 bar.

Manufactured to ISO 13485, CHIPREG EPC can be integrated in compact medical devices as well as analytical, diagnostics and biotechnology instruments. Based on the FAS 8 mm CHIPPROP, one of the smallest proportional valves on the market, CHIPREG EPC is the result of Norgren’s 20+ years of experience in fluidics, electronics miniaturization and integration.


Customer Challenges:

  • Managing a wide range of specifications with a single device, for example different gas types or flow rates
  • Available space within the instruments continues to shrink, which creates need for ultra-compact devices
  • Competitive pressure driving the need to more cost-effective solutions


Product Features:

  • Compact size – smallest on the market
  • Controllable pressure ranges: -1 to 1 bar, 0-4 bar, 0-7 bar
  • Multi-gas, including Helium & Hydrogen
  • In-line or flange mounting options
  • Best performance to cost ratio
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland


Communication Protocol

Click the link to view our Communication Protocol for CHIPREG.


Typical Applications:

  • Analytical instrumentation such as mass spectrometry and thermal analysers
  • Medical devices such as gas blenders and surgery devices
  • Diagnostic instrumentation used at point of care testing and air over liquid dosing systems
  • Biotechnology with bioreactors and microfluidics


Work With Us

In the spirit of customer collaboration, Norgren is looking to partner with Life Science Instrumentation OEMs to trial the new range of single device MFC and EPC solutions. Throughout the extensive trials, customers will be able to see the product in application and unlock the clear operational benefits they provide.

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Proven Heritage

Norgren’s heritage is built on extensive experience providing integrated solutions including manifolds, MFCs, EPCs, solenoid valves, pressure regulators, fittings and sensors.

This means customers can take advantage of working with a single expert supplier who takes responsibility for designing and manufacturing the entire fluidic system.



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