Our first miniature mass flow controller (MFC), designed to precisely control low flow rates (0 to 0.5 sl/min) or higher flow rate (0 to 10sl/min).

Manufactured under ISO 13485, CHIPREG can be integrated in compact medical devices and diagnostic instruments. Based on the FAS 8 mm CHIPPROP, one of the smallest proportional valves on the market, CHIPREG is the result of Norgren’s 20+ years of experience in fluidics, electronics miniaturisation and integration.



  • Miniature MFC for gases
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Very compact size
  • In-line or flange mounting


Typical applications:

  • Medical devices: gas blender, plasma surgery devices
  • Diagnostic instrumentation: point of care testing, air of liquid dosing systems
  • Analytical instrumentation: Micro GC, mass spectrometry, thermal analyzer
  • Biotechnology: Bioprocesses, bioreactors

Click here to take a look at our 3D interactive model of the CHIPREG MFC.


Communication Protocol

Click the link to view our Communication Protocol for CHIPREG.