Active Control

Active Control for Life Science Applications

Innovation to help Mass Flow Controller (MFC) and Electronic Pressure Controller (EPC) customers overcome a wide range of issues including flow controlling range, modularity, and size – all via a single, connected device.

Norgren understands the critical challenges faced by OEMs when using Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) and Electronic Pressure Controllers (EPC) in the Life Science industry.


A critical success factor for OEMs delivering instruments for life science applications within medical, analytical, diagnostic and biotechnology sectors, is the ability of system components to deliver exact control and precision-based performance.

Sizing challenges and cost pressures make it difficult for OEMs to find an adequate standard gas flow or pressure control solution. Additionally, the inability to handle a wide flow range and different media from a single device has forced many companies to specify the use of several mass flow and electronic pressure controller solutions within a single system. Not only does this extend the instrumentation footprint (and with it cost), but it also adds increased complexity to an already challenging scenario.

  • Greater focus on ultra-compact devices
  • Available installation space for analytical devices shrinking
  • Increasingly wide range of specifications for gas types, flow and pressure ranges
  • Highly dynamic, competitive environment with more focus on cost-effective solutions 

Within this, the roles of mass flow controllers (MFC) and electronic pressure controllers (EPC) are vital to ensure the measurement and control of essential gases used across many life science applications are highly accurate, precise and reliable.

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White Paper

Our latest white paper outlines the key considerations affecting the Life Science sector, and the ways our innovative and integrated solutions are providing highly accurate, precise, and reliable measurement and control of essential gases used across many life science applications.







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An Industry First MFC and EPC Solution

Delivering Breakthrough Engineering in action, the innovative Active Control MFC and EPC solutions from Norgren are transforming how OEMs tackle the defined operational and cost challenges.  These new solutions are based upon the principles of high accuracy, precision and an integrated, single solution delivery.  Highly accurate and with the ability for system integration using a manifold-mounted capability, the new MFC and EPC solutions will provide an automated single device which offers a dynamic range that can adjust and modulate a wide spectrum of flow rates and pressure requirements for multiple gases.



  • Miniature Mass Flow Controller for gas
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Very compact
  • In-line or flange mounting
  • The best value for money on the market
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Flow up to 20 ls/min
  • High dynamic range up to 2000:1
  • More


  • Miniature Electronic Pressure Controller for gas
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Very compact - smallest on the market
  • In-line or flange mounting
  • Best performance to cost ratio
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Includes 2 proportional valves (inlet and exhaust)
  • Controllable pressure ranges: -1 to 1 bar, 0-4 bar, 0-7 bar
  • Multiple gases, including Helium & Hydrogen
  • More

Proven Heritage

Norgren’s heritage is built on extensive experience providing integrated solutions including manifolds, MFCs, EPCs, solenoid valves, pressure regulators, fittings and sensors.

This means customers can take advantage of working with a single expert supplier who takes responsibility for designing and manufacturing the entire fluidic system.