Ventilation Machine

Artificial ventilation helps patients suffering from respiratory distress by assisting or stimulating their breathing, something they are not able to do themselves, and putting their life at risk. There are various types of ventilators, adapted to all hospital requirements, as well as variants suited for home-care solutions. While the Intensive Care Units (ICU)/Critical Care instruments are complete stand-alone pieces of equipment, emergency/transport ventilators are small, portable, battery-powered units capable of covering the primary requirements. 

The 2020 Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic infected thousands of patients. For many of them, the natural lung function is not ensured, and an ICU ventilator is required to keep them alive.  IMI Precision Engineering is proud to supply all major ICU ventilator OEMs with solenoid proportional valves, on/off valves, pressure regulators and sub-assemblies, helping them to save lives.

In ICU ventilators, Norgren's fluidic components play a crucial role.  For instance, proportional valves enable gas selection in gas inlet modules or the dosing of Air/O2. During the inspiration phase, ventilators will force the gas mixture into the patients' lungs at an elevated pressure. Miniature valves are ideal for the calibration of sensors by controlling the flow of Air and O2. As ICU ventilators tend to be smaller, our sub-assemblies integrating valves and pressure regulators allow for the reduction of the module footprints by reducing the gas pathways. 

All our valves for medical devices and diagnostic instrumentation applications are produced under ISO 13485.

Flatprop EQP
Flatprop EQP proportional valves draw its design from the 16mm Flatprop EQI enabling miniaturization of Acute, Sub-Acute and Emergency or Ambulatory Care Ventilators.
Flatprop EQP delivers 186 liters of oxygen per minute at 2.0 bar inlet pressure, maintaining low power consumption of 2.5W. Based on FAS original flat spring / flat plunger technology, Flatprop EQP proportional valve has frictionless operation ensuring repeatability and accuracy with the minimal hysteresis to where medical device manufacturers have relied on.

Representing a breakthrough in terms of performance and integration, we developed FLEXISOL to precisely control gases within portable medical devices and diagnostic instruments. FLEXISOL is designed for easy integration in compact environments.

Auxiliary Components
Norgren products encompassing additional fluidic components for gas control.