Medical Devices

Medical Devices

When precision is critical, trust the fluidic experts


We understand the stringent performance and quality requirements of medical devices. Our expertise includes highly regulated instruments such as anesthesia & ventilation equipment, dialysis, blood pressure monitoring devices, and imaging. Our manufacturing facilities offer protocols and processes designed to assist with the rigorous design, cleanliness, and packaging standards set forth by global governing agencies such as the FDA, EMA, and WHO. When you partner with us to design and/or manufacture a subassembly or source components for your product, we will consult with you on your requirements and specifications. For example, we have in-house oxygen (O2) cleaning procedures for use in oxygen service, and offer many components in wash down-compatible stainless steel.

We have an extensive fluidic product portfolio and are solution providers for individual components and assemblies. From our rapid 3D printed prototyping, to repeat validation runs, our world class manufacturing facilities focus on products with the highest level of repeatability and accuracy.

  • Anesthesia
  • Ventilation
  • Pneumatic devices
  • Dialysis & plasmapheresis
  • Dosing and infusion equipment
  • Surgical tools & devices

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