Liquid Handling

Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

Automated liquid handling workstations, or liquid handling robots, are instruments designed for the automation of processes like pipetting, sampling, aliquoting and mixing of liquids (samples, reagents, buffers etc.). Large workstations are used by laboratories or hospitals, where thousands of tests are carried out every day. The demand for high-throughput technologies is therefore increasing with the development of infectious diseases, cancer and respiratory ailments. The development of drugs and vaccines also fuels the demand for multi-purpose workstations.

Further to the need for speed, capacity and high-throughput, recent developments have been focused on the dispense of small volumes down to the nanoliter scale, with high accuracy and precision. Norgren's product portfolio includes syringe pumps designed to dispense the smallest volume with exceptional accuracy and precision. 

Our miniature media separated (isolation) valves are also perfectly suited for this application, where fast response time, low internal volumes and low unswept/dead volumes are essential to prevent cross-contamination. If the fluid is so sensitive that no interaction with the valve can be tolerated at all, our pinch valves are ideal as they can be used with a large selection of tubing and their patented designed enables fast and easy tubing replacement. 

To reduce reagent consumption, the flow path can be shortened by integrating the valves on intricate multilayer manifold assemblies. These solutions further limit the number of leak points and enable substantial total system cost reduction.

All our valves for medical devices and diagnostic instrumentation applications are produced under ISO 13485.