Single-Use Components

Single-Use Components

Pinch Valves with Single-Use Components


A trend toward single-use (SU) components is evident in the bio-processing market. Factors such as scalability, flexibility, and the elimination of cleaning have all driven bio-processing equipment manufacturers to replace traditional hard stainless steel piping and valves with disposable, flexible, sterile tubing sets or cartridges and pinch valves.

Bio-processing equipment designers now look to fluid control components that accept disposable tubing, specifically pinch valves such as the Acro 934 and 935 valves. Pinch valves play a critical role in “non-wetted” fluid system designs, where the internal valve components must be isolated from the media.

They frequently act as a safety valve and provide proportional fluid/pressure control. Use of peristaltic pumps, pinch valves, and ultrasonic sensors allow the fluid control and monitoring to be done outside the fluid path.


Customized Pinch Valves

Our solenoid, pneumatic and proportional pinch valves are available for complete assurance of media non-contamination, fast tubing change out, and easy valve replacement.

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Bioprocessing & Pinch Valves white paper

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