Fill & Finish

Fill & Finish

Custom Solutions with Pinch Valves


Customer demands can’t always be fulfilled with standard products. With over 40 years of experience designing and building custom solutions, We have the tools to solve your unique application. These projects can range from the simple - modifying our existing pneumatic, solenoid, and proportional pinch valves - to the complex, including complete custom systems with multiple valves.

Bio-processing equipment designers now look to fluid control components that accept disposable tubing, specifically pinch valves such as the Acro 934 and 935 series of valves. Pinch valves play a critical role in “non-wetted” fluid system designs, where the internal valve components must be isolated from the media.

They frequently act as a safety valve and provide proportional fluid/pressure control. Use of peristaltic pumps, pinch valves, and ultrasonic sensors allow the fluid control and monitoring to be done outside the fluid path.


Potential Applications
  • Pharmaceutical process skids
  • Medical devices (dispensing)
  • Automated filling systems
  • Water treatment
  • Oil and gas sample testing
Acro M900 Series Pinch Valves

Designed for larger flow volume bioprocessing and industrial applications, these models output very strong linear forces needed to control fluid in tubing with an instant open or close in tube sizing ranging from 3.2 mm – 42.2 mm (⅛" – 1⅝") OD.