Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

(ICP-MS) is an analytical instrument capable of detecting traces of most all elements. These instruments can be used in various sectors such as chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, clinical, forensic, food & beverage, semiconductor and geological. The samples, generally liquids, are nebulized, sprayed and ionized in the ICP part of the instrument. In this part, Ar, N₂ and O₂ are used as carrier gas, plasma gas and auxiliary gas. The control of their flow rate requires on/off valves, proportional valves and mass flow controllers (MFCs). In the MS part of the instrument on/off, proportional valves and MFCs are needed to control the flow of reaction gases like He, H₂ and NH₃ and thus, to increase performance of the instrument.


Representing a breakthrough in terms of performance and integration, we developed FLEXISOL to precisely control gases within portable medical devices and diagnostic instruments. FLEXISOL is designed for easy integration in compact environments.

Cadent 3 Syringe pump

Cadent 3cm pumps are perfect for applications that require high performance in a small footprint. Offering the widest range of operational speeds and ultra low flow capabilities, Cadent™ 3 is the optimal choice.


FASPROP is a low flow proportional valve for precision gas dosing or mixing, mass flow or volumetric flow control and pressure control.

Microsol MS-E

MICROSOL, originally developed as the world's first 15mm solenoid valve, is highly modular and can be engineered to meet a wide range of OEM application specifications. It set the industry standard for 15mm valves and has won numerous design and technology awards. MICROSOL platform includes on/off and media separated valves.