Analytical Instrumentation


Analytical Instrumentation

Simplify and fortify your fluid path with our components and bespoke solutions


Our highly precise fluidic components bring a new level of accuracy to instrumentation such as gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, environmental and water monitoring, and autosampling. We have expertise in the design of innovative fluid paths that fit the small footprint required in an analytical device. This is where our miniature valves, fittings, pressure controllers, regulators and manifold design capabilities are ideal: Norgren and FAS products can help you reduce instrument size, decrease carryover, and optimize your fluidic path. FAS micro-solenoid valves such as FLEXISOL is the smallest valve in the portfolio designed for an integration in compact environments.

As the fluidic experts, our products are especially suited to liquid handling applications such as autosampling. Our accurate and durable glass syringes for both manual and pump-mounted use, our pump technology and related accessories deliver samples, reagents, and even liquid waste to the right place, at precisely the right dose, every time. With their accuracy and long life, our syringe pumps have been repeatedly used in auto-sampling, dosing, dilution, and other liquid handling applications with great success. We are able to handle the most stringent conditions related to media, flow rate, pressure, and vacuum. If you require a custom solution, our world-class engineering teams can partner with you throughout the manufacturing process.


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