Get involved with Active Control from Norgren

Get Involved with Active Control from Norgren

At Norgren, our commitment to Breakthrough Engineering is at the heart of the way we partner with our customers to deliver the transformative solutions that resolve the real-world problems that impact performance, productivity, and commercial success. It is the driving force that allows our imagination and technical excellence to create, design and produce the wide range of market-leading solutions that industry demands.

Working closely with customers in the life science instrumentation sector, where critical medical, analytical, diagnostic and biotech applications help to drive healthcare innovation and advances, the challenge around how to control and modulate gases within processes is often an area of concern.

Sizing challenges and cost pressures make it difficult for life science instrumentation OEMs to find an adequate standard gas flow or pressure control solution. Additionally, the inability to handle a wide flow range and different media from a single device have forced many companies to specify the use of several mass flow and electronic pressure controller solutions within a single system. Not only does this extend the instrumentation footprint (and with it cost), but it also adds increased complexity to an already challenging scenario. The result is many in this sector are left thinking ‘There must be a better way’.


And there is.

Drawing on our rich heritage and long-standing experience as a market-leader in the mass flow and pressure controls marketplace, as well as collaborating to better understand the challenges our life science customers face, we have embarked upon an ambitious development programme to provide the answer that the sector needs.

The objective is simple. To create an innovative, single and integrated device that overcomes the modularity, cost, and sizing barriers that so many life science instrumentation companies report when assessing the contribution of mass flow controllers (MFC) and electric pressure controllers (EPC) within their essential processes.

Transformative MFC and EPC active control solutions from Norgren are set to hit the market. They will provide an automated single device which offers a dynamic range that can adjust and modulate a wide spectrum of flow rates and pressure requirements for multiple gases. 

They will do so highly accurately and with the ability for system integration using a manifold-mounted capability.  Miniature in size, the new solutions will overcome the issues presented by the reduction in the installation envelope, and thanks to the ability to handle multiple process demands, will eradicate the need for numerous device specification and reduce cost pressures, while simultaneously driving operational efficiencies.


Working with you

As part of our collaborative approach to the development of active controls, we are now seeking to work with partners across the life science instrumentation sector to trial this new range of single device MFC and EPC solutions. An exciting opportunity that will give businesses the chance to examine and test the performance of the device against their own requirements while also gathering informed insight around the potential for operational benefits and future cost savings.

Active Controls is a tangible example of breakthrough engineering in action. It aligns the long-standing heritage and technical excellence Norgren has within the mass flow and pressure controls marketplace with the real-world issues our customers face. Through better understanding, and by taking a collaborative approach with potential users, decisive and innovating solutions such as active controls can be unearthed and developed for the benefit of the sector in general.

Active controls does what it says. It puts active control into the hands of designers of next generation life science instruments, enabling them to accurately control various media in life science instrumentation – all from a standard integrated device.

If you’d like to learn more about our ongoing MFC and EPC trials, and how active controls is set to deliver outstanding operational benefits to the OEM instrumentation life science sector, please click here.

For more info on the subject, copies of our Whitepaper: ‘Active Control - Innovative mass flow and pressure controls to deliver accuracy and precision-based performance’ can be downloaded here.